Finding Your Account Number

In October of 2017 all Burke Energy* customers were assigned new account numbers. You may be able to find your new account number on your paper statement. If the account number that you have begins with a '50-', or if you previously registered an online profile using an account number beginning with '50-', then you will need to locate your new account number and register a profile using it.

Locating your New Account Number:
The account number that you need begins with '20-'. If you are in possession of an account number that begins with '20-', then you can proceed to the profile registration screen. Otherwise, you can use the handy old account/new account lookup function below to locate your new account number. If you need any assistance please call 914-769-5050.


Old Account/New Account Lookup

Old Account Number:   Your old account # starts with '50-'
Zip Code:    


  * If you are a Burke Security customer the above does NOT apply to you as Burke Security account numbers have not changed. However, you will need to re-register your profile in order to log in and make a payment. If you need assistance or have questions please call Customer Service at 914.769.5050.

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